Fulbourn FC 1922-23
List of players:
Alf Plumb, Charlie Hall, Horace Stearn, Pearcy Holman, Charlie Brand, Bill Webb, Len Wombwell, R.Osbourne, Jack Shipp, Harry Banyard, Alf Shipp, Hoppy Smith, Albert Wombwell, Tom White, Arthur Page, Fred Page (with hat), Len Page, Albert Manning, Walter Wombwell, ~Rev Townley (with hat), Hector Rolph, George Rolph, Jack Giddens, Reginald Rolph, Leslie Fabb, Alec Rolph.

Fulbourn FC 1938-39


Fulbourn FC 1948-49

List of players from back left: Henry Rogers, Derek Andrews, Arthur Plumb, Len Teversham, Roy Osbourne, Roy Dawson, Owen Plumb, Cecil Jackin, Nevil Page.
Front row from left: Doug Wombwell, Dick Claydon, Albert Wright (Captain), E.Dawson, Jim Lavender.

Fulbourn FC 1951-52
List of Players: John Smith, Derek Andrews, Derek Smith, Norman Osbourn’s brother in goal, Derek Pilsworth, Ken Wombwell, Gordon Wombwell, Derek Wombwell, Rogers Andrews, Doug Teversham, Gordon Wombwells brother.

Fulbourn FC 1960 – Shield of Merit
FIFC-1960-Shield of Merit

Our former Treasurer ‘Basil Taylor’ is in this picture. Back, Far right Brian K Wombwell (Impetts Lane). Behind him. Gordon Wombwell (Valley Farm). 3rd Back Left Colin Andrews. Thanks to John K Wombwell (Ontario USA) for this information.

White Hart – 1964-65
Terry Willson, Richard Westcott, Dave Bird, Ron Neil, Jim Stalley,
Ray ‘Eccles’ Wingle,Rob Bush, Edgar Hipkiss, Roger Westcott, Bob Hargraves, Bert Austwick, Graham Smith, Ted Ousley – Landlord of White Hart, Roger Claydon, Doug ‘Smuggey’ Taylor, Bob Hulyer, Ray ‘Skeemer’ Dawson, Mick Jacklin, David White, Terry Wombwell.

Fulbourn FC 1965-66
List of Players: Dave Hardy, Bob Maggs, Rodney Bird, Roger Westcott, Graham Smith, John Pearce, Terry Wombwell, Richard Westcott, Dave Bird, John Wright, Terry Willson.

Fulbourn FC 1966-67
List of Players: Charlie Huish, Brian Tailby, David Stevens, Keith Buttress, John Wood, Brian Saddlington, Dave Bird, Graham Smith, Brain Claydon, Terry Willson, Terry Wombwell, Roger Andrews.

Fulbourn FC 1967-68

List of players starting back left: Pete Ludman, Graham Smith,
Malcolm Matthews, Brian Saddington, Brian Tailby, Dave Bird, Doug Taylor.
Front Right: Terry Wombwell, Martin Pammenter, Brian Claydon, Terry Willson, Roger Andrews.