Fulbourn FC 1969-70

List of players starting from back left: Brian Tailby, Graham Butler,
Basil Taylor, Roger Andrews, Dave Bird, Malcolm Moore, David Stevens,
Richard ‘Dickie’ Drage, Brian Saddington, Colin Butler, Bryan Stevens.

Fulbourn FC 1971 6-a-side Winners
1971- 6 side winners

Players from back left: Ces Moore, Graham Smith, Terry Wilson, Baz Arliss, Basil Taylor and Pete Ludman.

Fulbourn FC Winners of the County Leagues Divisional Championship Trophy
1971-Fulbourn FC Winners of the County Leagues Divisional Championship Trophy

List of visible players from back left: Pete Greenwood, Dave Bird, Terry Wilson, Malcolm Mathews, Byran Stevens, Henry McTrusty and Dickie Drage.

Cartoon Of Creake Shield Final – Fulbourn vs Shelford

1971-Cartoon of Creake Shield Final - Fulbourn vs Shelford

Lucky the players were such good looking individuals….imagine if this was drawn using our current players!!!

Fulbourn FC 1971


List of people from back left: Vic Ferndinand (in the sheep skin, former land lord of the White Heart), Dave Birch, Ces Moore, Terry Wilson, Malcolm Mathews, Dave Bird, Dave Stevens, Henry McTrusty, Baz Arliss.
Front row from left: Pete Ludman, Maurice Flinders, unknown, Byan Stevens, ‘Titch’ Griffin, Pete Greenwood, and Dickie Drage.

Fulbourn F.C. Historical documents back to 1970-71 Thanks for Bryam Stevens to provide this!

Fulbourn FC 1977

List of players from back left: Steve Teversham, Andy Wratten, Nigel Loker, Josh Palmer, Ces Moore, Les Cooke, Eric Atherton.
Front row from left: John Sparkes, Tony Tennant, Geoff Lawrence, Ray Nockholds, Dickie Drage and Maurice Flinders.

Fulbourn FC 1984-85

List of people from back left: Mick Coxon, Chris Lawson, Shaun Sowden, Mick Rogers, Martin Smith, David Stevens, Adi Howe, Gary Harding. Front row from Left: Brian Ferris, Neil Frost, Paul Bunting, Greg Marshall, Andy Levitt.
Yes that is Sean ‘Ozzy’ Frost’s dad. Thanks to Neil Frost for naming these players.

Fulbourn FC Winner of Terry Willson Memorial Trophy 19??
19?? Winner of Terry Willson Memorial Trophy

Back Left: Mick Coxon, Gary Harding, Alan Chambers, Steve Teversham,
Steve Austwick, Mick Rogers, Nigel ‘Nippy’ Norton, Brian Andrews, Mike Sporle
Front Left: Graham Butler, Adi Howe, Martin Smith, Greg Marshall, Paul Ferguson, Gary Teversham.

Fulbourn FC Winners of Premier League Cup 1989-90

Yes that is Martyn Morris!!

Fulbourn FC Reserves 1994

List of people from back left: Phil ‘Arnold’ Willis, Nick Gawthrop, Neil ?, Jed Butler, Dave ‘Rabbit’ Coulson, ?, Tony Eades, Wayne Stevens, Mark ?.
Front row from left: Martyn Morris, Dave Callen, Mark Hodgson, Kevin ‘Kev’ Davey, Paul Henderson, Joe Smith..

Fulbourn FC 1st Team 1995

List of Players: Nigel ‘Nippy’ Norton, Niel Frost, Martin Smith, Wilf Rogers, David Stevens, Mick Rogers, ?, ?, Dave ?, Steve Andrews, Dave ‘Minny’ Rolf, Mark ‘Percy’ Adams, Tony ?, Kierran McNeela, Gary ‘Gazza’ Davey.

Fulbourn FC Reserves 1996

People from back left: Jed Butler, ?, Dave Plumb, Kevin ‘Kev’ Davey, Phil ‘Arnold’ Willis,
Dave ‘Rabbit’ Coulson, Tony Eades, Wayne Stevens, Jamie Chamberlan, Mick Bane.
Front row from left: ?, Joe Smith, Nick Gawthrop, ? Strachan, Jez Wallman.

Fulbourn FC 1997

People from back left: Martin Thorpe, Andy Cuthill, ?, Andy Wells, ?, Wilf Rogers, Steve Andrews, Niel Frost, Richard ‘Dickie’ Drage.
Front row from left: Julian Thorpe, Gary ‘Gazza’ Davey, Dave Sheldon, ?, Mark ‘Percy’ Adams, Simon Plumb.

Dickie ‘Mr Fulbourn Institiute’ Drage
Special tribute to Richard ‘Dickie’ Drage for 30 years of commitment to Fulbourn FC.
Mr Fulbourn Institiute' Drage