2002-2003 Season
2002 - The 1st Team Squad

Back Row from left: Richard ‘Dick’ Collinge, Kit Sponsor, Sean ‘Ozzy’ Frost, Benjamin ‘Mooey’ Mhishi, Nicholas ‘Baggers’ Gray, Alan ‘Basher’ Poole, Kevin Crisp, Mark ‘Taggart’ McGregor, John Fear, Dave Abbs, Mick Bane.

Front Row from left: Robert ‘Robbie’ Farrington, Anderson ‘Soni’ De Costa,Tony ‘Becky’ Beck, Neil ‘Elmo’ Elson, Andy Poulter, Mark ‘Abbo’ Abbs, Darren ‘Dazza’ Bates, Shane ‘Shaney’ Roberts, Daniel ‘Dan’ Parker.

Fulbourn 1st Team Managers’ summery

Fulbourn 2 v Gt Shelford 1 (FINAL)
T. Beck, S. Frost
Winners of the Terry Wilson Cup. First time in ten years Fulbourn have won it.

Fordham 1 v Fulbourn 5 (FINAL)
B. Mhishi 3, S. Frost, T. Beck

Fulbourn 13 v Somersham 2
S. Frost 3, S. Roberts 3, Anderson 2, B. Mhishi, M. Abbs, N. Elmson, J. Fear, T. Beck
(Drawn at home to Littleport in the next round.)

Sawston 1 v Fulbourn 1
S. Roberts
Fulbourn 4 v Sawston 0 (REPLAY)
S. Roberts 2, T. Beck, B. Mhishi
(Drawn at home to Whittlesey United in the next round.)

Leading League Goal Scorer is Sean ‘Ozzy’ Frost – 7 goals – Date 19/11/02

Leading Cup Goal Scorer is Shane ‘Shaney’ Roberts – 7 goals – Date 19/11/02

Reserve Team
2002 -The Reserve Team

Back row from left: FDS Kit Sponsor, Leon Lagnado, Andy Hall, Aron Jobe, Ian ‘Croca’ Crocombe, Robert ‘Rob’ Scrutton, Neil Coates, Mark ‘Taggart’ McGregor, Mike Miller, Martyn Morris, Dickie Drage.

Front row from left: Ian ‘Sid’ Ludman, Simon ‘Si’ Plumb, Gary ‘Gazza’ Davey, Kevin ‘Kev’ Davey, Louis Wenham, Daniel Parker.

‘A’ Team
2002 - A team

Back row from left: Martyn Morris, Robert ‘ Bobby’ Jones, Philip ‘Arnold’ Willis, Ian ‘Stilly’ Still, Matt ‘Mr Fish’ Fisher, Michael ‘Moxy’ Peacock.

Front row from left: Wayne Stevens, Nigel Cooke, Sean Smith, Nicholas ‘Nick’ Haycroft, John ‘JB’ Bird, Mark ‘Percy’ Adams.

2003-2004 Season

2003-2004. “Its been and fantastic year for the whole club, three Championship Teams!
I am pleased for all of the ‘back-room’ staff who work very hard for Fulbourn Institute Football Club.
A very good first season in a very good league, we need to bring in a couple of players next year when I expect it to be even harder, but the lads have been brilliant this year well done!
Special notes of interest: Five Trophies; The Terry Wilson Cup, Addenbrookes Cup, Saturday Challenge Cup, Premier Cup and the League! An incredible season!
2004-2005. We must keep pushing Fulbourn forward, bringing in good players and improving the whole club.” – Dave Abbs (May 2004)

First team

Back Row from left: Dave Abbs, Aaron Davidson, Sean Frost, Ben Mhishi, Jon Fear, Jon Mhishi, Ibby, Craig Green, Robbie Farrington, Dick Collinge, Mick Bane.
Front Row from left: Jamie Charlwood, Joe Abbs, Tony Beck, Neil Elson, Mark Abbs, Dan Terry, Mark Kirby, Andy Petit. 17-01-2004

Reserve TeamĀ 

Back row from left: Michael ‘Moxy’ Peacock, Nick Gray, Richard Hardwick (Hannah Reed),
Mark McGregor, Jim, Paul Izzard, Dave Hedley, Marco De Luca.
Front Row from Left:Tom Kindred, Ricky Woodruff, Karl Ferraro, Darren Bates, Alex Smith,
Lee Dawson, Ian Ludman, Nick Kovoc.

A Team

Back row from left: Matt Fisher, Chris Wright, Phil Willis, Barry Smith, Wayne Stevens,
Richard Nightingale, Wilf Rogers.
Front row from left: Dominic Eades, Sean Smith (c), Kevin Davey, Louis Wellan, Bobby Jones, Paul Cockerill, Sean Taylor.

2004-2005 Season

First team

Player of the Month – October 2004
Name:Joey Abbs
Reason for being player of the month:
Has scored two goals in each of the last eight games, has played a large part in creating opportunities for team mates to add to the score sheet.

Reserve Team (Kershaw Senior B)

A Team

Player of the Month – November 2004
Name: Ben Hall
Age: 36
Nickname: Ice Man
Reason for being player of the month: Persistently good performances from Ben made this quite an easy decision. Very hard defender to get passed and uses the ball very cleverly and quickly. Good honest player who always gives 100%, well done (you owe me six mars bars). – Alan Jones